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    Death Steak Hero

    Deathsteak is a challenging game that lets you jump with the character of your choice through the colorful maze full of traps and obstacles.
    Compare results with your friends and check who's better! Deathsteak is an innovative game capable of generating a relaxing yet compelling experience at the same time.
    Deathsteak alternates the features of a casual game with the simplicity of eye-catching graphics. Just a few well-placed taps to allow the character to climb vertiginous heights. Every tap pushes your hero thanks to the physics of repulsion.
    Each touch must be calculated and studied in a few seconds to avoid colliding with the bitter enemies present in the path.
    Test your skills and help your heroes escape the endless run. And remember, don't stop jumping!

    ✔ Beautiful world to explore
    ✔ 10 unlockable characters with dozens more coming soon
    ✔ 9 game sceneries and more coming soon
    ✔ Unlockable tap explosion effects
    ✔ Leaderboards to compete with your friends
    ✔ Random combinations of enemies and obstacles



    Superior Games
    07-17-2019 03:53 AM

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