1. myke38's Avatar
    I would like to present you AFPS - Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator, the ultimate plane flying simulation with 20 free levels !

    Take control of 8 airplanes in a massively detailed open world, and explore sceneries and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds.
    More than 150 km² of area !

    This is some of the most difficult flight situations ever! Test your car and plane driving skills!

    Screens :

    URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...PilotSimulator

    If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot !
    Besides, all ideas or suggestions are welcome ^^

    Have a nice day,
    07-30-2019 08:28 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Sounds like Microsoft's old flight simulator program - on steroids. Good luck with it.
    07-30-2019 01:17 PM
  3. karle_rfg's Avatar
    This looks very impressive, I never imagined a flight sim on mobile. How long have you been working on this?
    07-31-2019 05:49 AM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I downloaded it and will try it later.
    07-31-2019 07:05 AM
  5. myke38's Avatar
    Hello, thank you for your post.
    I have worked on it during 6 month, on Unity.

    Do you have test the game? What is your feeling. Do you have lag on your device?
    07-31-2019 02:02 PM
  6. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I did the first mission and drove a car for a bit (an odd feature for this genre). Here's my initial thoughts on the few minutes I used it so far.

    Graphics are pretty good so far.

    Would prefer to keep brakes applied during engine run-up like real planes do for takeoff. Right now throttle cancels the breaks.

    In the options menu during gameplay, there's what looks to be an option to turn on left handed mode, but tapping the selection box doesn't activate it.

    I wouldn't classify this as a simulator. It's more of a game. Entertaining so far, but calling it a simulator is misleading and may lead to negative reviews.
    07-31-2019 02:24 PM
  7. wenso smith's Avatar
    Nice and impressive game to play... thanks for sharing the game link...
    08-01-2019 04:16 AM
  8. myke38's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer.
    On which device do you test the game? Do you have some lags ?
    08-06-2019 04:25 AM
  9. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I finished the game a few days ago. Unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of replay value, so doubt I'll use it much again, even with the free flight options. I did have one bug, as you can see in this screenshot. The pilot was sitting outside the aircraft, but it only happened that one time. You can also see that the air speed indicator and digital readout don't match, which is prevalent throughout the game. The attitude indicator is also backwards. As the plane tilts up, the horizon line should go down. When turning right, the horizon line should turn left. That indicator is supposed to show the Earth's horizon line relative to the aircraft, not turn with the aircraft.

    Since you asked about lag, I didn't notice any on my LG V20.[FREE GAME] AFPS - Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator-screenshot_2019-08-01-06-18-07.jpeg
    08-06-2019 05:51 AM
  10. myke38's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your answer and all the bugs you found.

    Concerning the left handed mode, it only work for the car controller. If you are in a airplane, nothing will be switched.
    I will hide this option when you are in a plane.

    For the horizon line, you have right, I have to reverse this indicator. Thank you for noticed it.

    And for the screenshot, I will investigate why the character is not at the correct place. I will fix that in the next update.

    Again thank you for your review.
    If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot for the visibility of the game
    08-08-2019 03:36 PM
  11. vova v's Avatar
    Hi! I will try it later
    08-09-2019 08:02 AM
  12. myke38's Avatar
    Ok thank you.
    Did you have time to test the game?
    08-13-2019 11:45 AM

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