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    Everyone is playing games. From managing games to war and funny games the people spend a lot of time on this. In the following paragraph I will present you a Mobile game that will keep you busy a full day.
    The name of the game is Jelly Bounce. The game is arcade type and once you dead, you will want to replay and replay and replay. It causes some addiction because with every jump you will stay alive and you will survive. Just jump or die!Jelly Bounce
    Now you may be wondering, what is happening in this game and why will it keep me busy?? The answer is simple but complex. The game is funny, but you need to survive and to jump. The higher you climb you will accumulate the best score. You can compete with your friends and win.

    To be honest the game has both good and bad parts. The good things in this game is that it will keep your attention on this and you can will relax. An other good thing is that you will be motivate to jump higher because of the score and when you die you will want to survive more and more. A bad part of this game is that can cause addiction because you will want to get more score.

    Get it on Google Play:
    Attached Thumbnails Jelly Bounce (Game) (Free) 🔺-img_20190710_232914_096.jpg   Jelly Bounce (Game) (Free) 🔺-fb_img_1565286665077.jpg   Jelly Bounce (Game) (Free) 🔺-img_1563526107972.jpg  
    08-08-2019 01:21 PM

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