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    Stay Sticky

    Hey people, I'm proud to present you my mobile game 'Stay Sticky'.
    It's now available for free to pre-order in the Apple Appstore!
    The android version will be released with the official release date (14.09.19)
    I would appreciate any game design feedback a lot since I made the whole game by myself.

    Appstore link:


    Google Playstore:


    YouTube Trailer:

    Some information about the game:

    The goal is to stay on the platform as long as possible. You control a simple ball,
    with which you can jump around obstacles.
    Many different, crazy, physics-based objects fall from the sky and push you around.
    Everything is physics-based, which makes it quite funny to play.
    Don't think this is easy though! The challenge here is that you can't predict anything,
    because every situation will be different from the previous ones.
    Easy to play, but very hard to master!

    Main features:

    ♛ Highly 2D physics-based ♛

    ♛ Over 20 unique characters ♛

    ♛ Power-Ups ♛

    ♛ Surprise crates ♛

    ♛ Daily Quests to keep you busy ♛

    ♛ Simple one-finger controls ♛

    ♛ Endless mode ♛

    PRE-ORDER NOW FOR FREE IN THE APPSTORE (playable on 14.09.19)
    Android-version releases 14.09.19

    This is already my second mobile game I released but this time I gave everything to present you the best result possible. But I think it's very hard to say that without actual user-experiences.
    Furthermore I made the whole game plus all the assets by myself which makes it hard to see my game from another perspective.
    That's why I'm very curious and open to any feedback you guys give me! I'm open for constructive criticism and excited for your opinions! Anything helps me, so I would appreciate any feedback a lot
    Attached Thumbnails Stay Sticky - casual physics-based game - Feedback?-simulator-screen-shot-iphone-8-plus-2019-09-03-17.18.31.jpg   Stay Sticky - casual physics-based game - Feedback?-simulator-screen-shot-iphone-8-plus-2019-09-03-17.19.59.jpg   Stay Sticky - casual physics-based game - Feedback?-simulator-screen-shot-iphone-8-plus-2019-09-03-17.21.49.jpg   Stay Sticky - casual physics-based game - Feedback?-simulator-screen-shot-iphone-8-plus-2019-09-03-17.20.07.jpg   Stay Sticky - casual physics-based game - Feedback?-simulator-screen-shot-iphone-8-plus-2019-09-03-17.21.30.jpg  

    09-18-2019 11:03 AM
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    Big update

    Main features:
    + Leaderboard on IOS
    + 3 NEW unique character balls
    + NEW Object: Sausage with fork
    + NEW Object: Black Hole
    + NEW Object: Bone
    + NEW Object: Basketball
    + Visual upgrades
    + Less ads
    + Balance changes
    + Mysterious sound for black hole
    09-28-2019 12:19 PM

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