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    Hello All!
    One of my hobbies is game development. I recently completed a project called Powerballs: Treasure hunt. This is an arcade game with puzzle elements.
    The development of the project took several months of my free time. Although when I look at the result now it seems like it is possible to handle it in a one month. Initially, the game was planned as a very simple one - shoot the different color balls with a cannonballs, if the color matches you can continue play, if not then you fail and start from the begin. The development of the first version took a little more than a week. However, when I play the first version I understood that it was not interesting to play this game. Friends and acquaintances were not in awe also. But I decided that project needs to be done and began to experiment with the gameplay and new features. Actually, most of the time was spent on this and the bugfixes during the development process. At the same time, almost 70 percent of ideas were not included in the project. Otherwise, it seems to me, project would never have been completed. But it gives much abilities for move further if the first version will be successful. So here you can see what I got.

    Get it on Google play
    09-30-2019 03:57 AM

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