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    Skyous descends upon earth to visit his mother only to find the world drained by Imitheos. It is a new adventure game for Android. The gameplay of the game is simple and challenging. Skyous is one of the best game for adventure games lover. You have to choose the flag as your character that will hit and hunt.

    Skyous is a real-world adventure from Sao Paulo Brazil 🇧🇷 to Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵. The mechanics are quirky. The music is ever-celestial and the graphics can’t get more vivid.
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    The Marmaros, white little monsters, have swarmed all over the earth. The Petrfrields, floating bricks, will betray you. The gravities are brain-melting. And Imitheos is just a mass of invincible evilness. Skyous will put your skills to the test.

    Game Features

    - Control Skyous in a pseudo-isometric world ( logic and physics are not guaranteed )

    - Find clues of Imitheos origins

    - Attempt hitting checkpoints albeit their abruption

    - Race against the infinite Marmaros ( speed and accuracy are a must )

    - Always keep moving, otherwise, Dynamia will shrink and be your end

    - Get skillful with Petrifield quickly. Or else they'll drain you out.

    10-10-2019 07:11 AM

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