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    You’ve heard of Agar.io and Slither.io, but have you played AutoRaja?
    If an .io gaming experience with an Indian twist is what you’d been looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

    From the makers of Saaho – The Game, comes yet another great Indian-themed video game that’s just itching to reach the markets!

    AutoRaja is a multiplayer game, now with a story mode as well. You get to play in third person perspective, race around AutoNagar in your Rikshaw and pick up passengers while blasting away the competition! In an Indian setting of a very crowded city, Autos are the best mode of transport, and so, you have to steal your competition’s passengers — the more the merrier! When there’s more autos than people, there’s bound to be a rebel union formed. Play as our main character, the AutoRaja of all AutoRajas, and pick sides!
    You can play Save The City, where you help the police catch thieves, or Rob The City, where you play as one of the thieves!

    Besides Story Mode, AutoRaja has other modes as well.
    There’s Bot Mode, where you can play in a controlled setting with bots for practice!
    Random Mode will throw you into the chaos of AutoNagar and you’ll have to compete with players all over in this room!
    In Squad Mode, you can team up with your friends and make a private multiplayer room! 2222

    What’s more, you ask? Well, AutoRaja has got a lot of amazing features!

    – You can unlock a range of pimped out Auto Rikshaws in the Store as you go forth on your journey to become the next AutoRaja.
    – You can shift to Top Down perspective as well, to meet your gaming needs.
    – AutoRaja has original game music and addictive background scores!
    – The graphics are HD and the physics of the game are stunning
    – There’s a 3-dimensional environment with interactive User Gameplay Control
    – The in-game weather changes to add a twist of reality!

    The visuals of the game are very colorful, giving you that lovely Indian platter your taste buds have been begging for!

    Check out the gameplay in this short video:

    You can download the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d..._INAttachments areaPreview YouTube video AutoRaja: Official Trailer | BornMonkieAutoRaja: Official Trailer | BornMonkie
    AutoRaja: Tuk Tuk Battlegrounds-police.jpg
    11-08-2019 01:25 AM

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