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    Player who is about to guess choose a category and turn the phone with screen facing the rest of the players. They have to show or talk about the word that is shown on the screen .If the player guesses, he has to tap screen on the right side, but if the player wants to pass he has to tap left side. The player has to guess each word in less than 30 seconds.

    Gdyba has over 30 categories and over 10000 words and more to come.
    The game offers categories like: sport,sommer,fruits,movies etc.
    There is something for everyone.
    Perfect game for boring evenings, friends gatherings and family time.

    Attached Thumbnails [GAME][FREE] Gdyba-2eng-kopia.jpg   [GAME][FREE] Gdyba-3eng.jpg   [GAME][FREE] Gdyba-4eng.jpg  
    12-16-2019 08:28 AM

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