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    An original arcade puzzle game Accumulate Ball for Android has been developed by our studio. You are welcome to test (comment): https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lateBall&hl=en.

    1. Promo Video

    Gameplay is simple and contains the next parts:

    1.1) Moving the ball through platforms to find a path to a reservoir with a substance of the specific color.

    1.2) Filling the ball with the reached substance.

    1.3) Repeating the steps 1.11.2 until the ball won't be completely filled.

    2) Restoring the ball to a state before the step 1.1 and continuing the steps 1.11.3.

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-1.png
    2.1. Smartphone screenshot

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-2.png
    2.2. Smartphone screenshot

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-3.png
    2.3. Smartphone screenshot

    Game process is complicated by the following features:

    1) It is necessary to find a path to a reservoir until the timer is stopped.

    2) The ball orientation can be changed by rotators located at random platforms.

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-1.png
    3.1. Tablet screenshot

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-2.png
    3.2. Tablet screenshot

    [Game][Free] Accumulate Ball-3.png
    3.3. Tablet screenshot

    This game has been made with Unity, in case someone is wondering.
    01-27-2020 08:40 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    01-27-2020 09:36 AM

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