1. m_iden's Avatar
    Hi all This is my first game.

    [FREE GAME][4.1+]Electric Trains Early Access-program_icon_android_4pda.jpg

    You can download the game on Google Play: Link.

    Description: Electric trains is very dynamic arcade train simulation game with subjective camera. You can transport passengers, coupling and carry cargo rail cars to earn maximum scores.

    [FREE GAME][4.1+]Electric Trains Early Access-phone_screenshot.jpg
    [FREE GAME][4.1+]Electric Trains Early Access-phone_screenshot_2.jpg
    03-30-2020 02:31 PM
  2. m_iden's Avatar
    Hi New update is available.

    [FREE GAME][4.1+]Electric Trains Early Access-phone-screenshot-3-750.jpg

    What' new
    - 2 missions
    - 1 new map
    - freight transportation in a free game
    - almost free camera
    - 2 new trains
    - highlighting selected path in difficult segments
    - level map
    - horns
    - 4 mission has become easier to pass
    - realistic mode (disables sparks, AI trains are a little smarter)
    - minor optimization and bug fixes
    07-14-2020 07:15 AM

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