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  1. Chichiritta's Avatar
    Recently black dots/spots appeared on the photos shot by front camera. It also stopped focusing on the object (face) and picture looks blurry - I assume its because the lens is focusing on these black dots. Maybe these are some dust? or the camera is damaged?
    Anyway, I need to sort this out, tomorrow will call to the HTC manufacturer warranty number and really hope that they might help, but before I do- decided to ask about your experience, mates! Should this be covered by warranty? What is your experience? What might be the cost of repairing if I send the phone and they refuse to service it? (as I understand, If I send the phone and they find a way to put me off the warranty then they will rip me off by enormous bill or 20-something pound to send it back without repairing..).
    Phone was bought on October, but god knows when it was delivered to the shop - really hope that 2 year warranty is still in force as the shop told that its not their responsibility and I should seek manufacturers assistance. Please help me understand where Im standing. Tnx. xx
    Attached Thumbnails Htc  Sensation front camera - black dots on the photos-img_20130519_182631.jpg  
    05-19-2013 01:23 PM
  2. NoUf_Hamad96's Avatar
    Can you PLEASE tell me how did you solve that ?
    i have the exact same problem in mmy samsung galaxy s4
    08-17-2014 07:32 PM

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