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    Long story short, I just want wallet back with the loyalty cards. I had all my Loyalty cards in it, but since I updated, I can't get Android Pay to activate (which means I can't get to my loyalty cards), and they're no longer in Wallet.

    As for Android pay....I just get the "Google is unable to verify that your device or the software running on it is Android Compatible"

    And there's so much information out there and so many issues I'm having trouble sorting through it to figure out what the issue might actually be.
    1. LG G3 Verizon
    2. I'm on KitKat
    3. Rooted (but disabled in SuperSU and rootcheck says I'm not rooted)
    4. I have a debloated version of stock on it. I installed a few custom roms a long time ago, then missed the camera and stuff so went back to stock, but couldn't find a true stock version for the Verizon variant so found a debloated one. Guess that might be considered a "custom" ROM'
    5. Trying to add a CITI card that has the new chip thing
    6. I disabled knock and am using a screen pattern now

    Not sure what the issue is above but probably the custom rom. My software says "modified" in the settings so I'm guessing that's it.

    I really don't care about payments as much as I care about losing access to my dozens of loyalty cards (I don't even the originals anymore) so I need them back....any ideas?;
    09-18-2015 04:47 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    I'd concur that being rooted and/or rommed is probably the issue.
    09-18-2015 10:41 PM

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