1. Harrison Carr's Avatar
    So android pay gives me that stupid "Cant tell if you're running android" message when i try to use it on my Oneplus One with CM12.1 and Boeffla kernel, if that matters. I have tried rootcloak, didn't work, and the disabling of SU doesn't work with the SU in CM12.1, as its built in to the developer options, it is still recognised by Android Pay as rooted even if its turned off. I really want to use Android Pay but this is a huge pitfall on googles part. Any help?
    09-19-2015 04:34 PM
  2. ScottMGS's Avatar
    My guess is that it's self-protective for Google since they're guaranteeing 100% reimbursement for proven fraudulent charges. They'll probably never support anything but certified Android.
    09-19-2015 05:52 PM
  3. ejb1013's Avatar
    I'm on a stock based custom rom on a lg g3 and I get the same error. I'm gonna flash a rooted stock rom and see if it'll work for me. Otherwise I'll have to wait to get my Moto X pure.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-19-2015 07:46 PM

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