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    Hello Everyone,

    I finally got a chance to use Android Pay on my Moto X (2013) the other day at McDonalds and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a quirk where the device asks for the passcode WHILE its being tapped to the terminal. Yesterday I had to tap the terminal once and it pulled up my card but then showed a message saying that the device must be re-unlocked to complete transaction (in order to read the prompt I removed the phone from the terminal which cancelled the transaction) and then I had to enter my passcode and restart the whole transaction.
    Could this be related to the fact that I am using trusted devices as my lock method (almost never have to use the actual PIN to unlock my phone as I have a Moto 360) and hadn't entered in the passcode within so many hours so it required the actual PIN to be entered or is it just a quirk with the payments PIN which was the old method of unlocking Google Wallet before a transaction?

    09-29-2015 09:53 PM
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    That's how it works with trusted devices, for now. Being unlocked thru trusted devices isn't accepted as authentication so you still have to use your code once to prove you're the device owner then another time to approve the transaction. If you turn off Smart Lock and just put in your code to get to unlock your phone, then place it on the scanner to pay, it'll work immediately. No need to put in your code 2-3 times. I hope this is just Google being extra secure in the beginning, to keep people from saying it could be a security liability.

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    09-30-2015 05:09 AM
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    I've seen it ask for the PIN as well if I've had the phone unlocked for a period of time before I go up to the register. My Moto X doesn't have any trusted devices linked to it, so I always unlock it with a PIN.

    My suspicion is that there is a timer that runs from the time you authenticate. If that's been too long you need to authenticate again.

    It's similar to what Samsung does when you turn on payments under Samsung pay. Authenticating with the fingerprint only "authorizes" the phone for a short period (though they do show a graphical representation when the device is "live").
    09-30-2015 12:46 PM

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