1. Imjrb3's Avatar
    Nexus 6p on its way (hoping to try Project Fi), coming from iPhone 6s Plus and want to know if there is an Android equivalent to Apple's Wallet app? I don't care, per se, about paying through NFC using credit cards or debit cards (hardly use now) but I do use, daily, the Wallet app to aggregate Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts cards, Fandango & Ticketmaster event tickets, etc. What app can I use to collect all these items in one place? Thanks in advance.
    12-08-2015 04:11 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Android Pay can aggregate your loyalty cards, but doesn't store tickets. You could try PassWallet, but I'm not too familiar with the .pkpass file format and how widespread its use is. Check out the Similar Apps that are listed as well.
    12-08-2015 05:46 PM
  3. Imjrb3's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I will check all that out. I recall being able to use the individual apps, so all is not lost.
    12-08-2015 06:33 PM

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