1. anon(1017475)'s Avatar
    Need some clarification here...for my own sanity; and apologies for being overly nerdy here.

    So my banking institution (who as of this date is NOT part of the list of banks that support Android Pay) sends me a new chip and pin debit/credit card. I go and try to add it to Android Pay and it tells me that the card is not supported and to visit a link of supported banks.

    Am I to assume that the old Google wallet based way of me using my bank card successfully was because it used the mechanism of host-based card emulation/virtual account numbers to process a transaction, (i.e. the virtualization occurred between the device and Google servers) while Android Pay SEEMS to require a key handshake or some other mechanism where the bank itself is providing Google with virtual card numbers or the certificates/keys in order to generate one? (I can't seem to find any concrete information on this.)

    That being said...I'm kind of bummed over this. The old Google Wallet way worked REALLY nice for me for vendors that supported it.
    03-23-2016 01:59 PM
  2. gJ2xcGT3's Avatar
    Yeah I had the same thing happen to me with my brand new chip debit card and the only way is to add a supported credit or debit card into Android Pay. Once your grandfathered card is gone your SOL and have to switch to a supported bank/issuer. Although Capital One cards still use a Bancorp card even though it had never been added into Google Wallet though interestingly.
    03-23-2016 02:31 PM
  3. Sophos's Avatar
    I just got an email from Chase that my new chip enabled debit card is on its way. Guess that means I'm gonna loose my grandfathered in status.
    03-23-2016 02:48 PM
  4. Fengshuistein's Avatar
    This happened to me as well - haven't used Android Pay since...

    03-29-2016 06:49 AM

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