1. bksalt's Avatar
    Lets start a list of places we have had success using AP also what area of the country you are in because some of the companies have not got it working in all areas One place I know for sure is BJ"s wholesale here in SW Florida.and Micky D's which I suspect every one knows but I am a newbe have to start some were and will list more as I find them.

    08-14-2016 10:19 AM
  2. Jims S5's Avatar
    Staples, Dunkin donuts, Shop rite in Washington nj. I get alerts when a place I enter accepts APay. Thought that was cool.
    08-14-2016 06:58 PM
  3. bksalt's Avatar
    do these alerts show up on your phone? In email? who sends them, did you request this service?
    08-14-2016 11:02 PM
  4. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    It is a setting in the Android Pay settings.
    It may require GPS to be turned on.
    08-14-2016 11:57 PM
  5. Jims S5's Avatar
    Not sure. Location is on though. Must be in settings somewhere.
    08-16-2016 03:01 PM
  6. mike568's Avatar
    Big Lots, Best Buy, Cinemark, and Office Depot in the DFW area takes AP. I get a notification in AP about Kroger taking AP but they still don't support it.

    Google Apple Pay places and every place that takes Apple Pay should take Android Pay.
    08-16-2016 06:14 PM
  7. Eric The Duke's Avatar
    Subway accepts android pay.
    08-17-2016 11:08 PM
  8. hallux's Avatar
    Upstate, NY. Price Chopper/Market32 (in the middle of a re-brand), Hannaford, BJ's Wholesale Club.
    08-30-2016 12:23 PM
  9. anon(9410778)'s Avatar
    Century theaters in Sacramento. Their chip readers are painfully slow. Android Pay was instant.

    Some of the Raley's supermarket's support it as does Save-mart.
    09-15-2016 09:21 PM
  10. Jims S5's Avatar
    Some Giant grocery stores
    09-16-2016 08:28 AM
  11. PhiPsi32's Avatar
    Paid at the gas pump, Arco AM/PM.
    09-17-2016 02:59 PM
  12. Jamie Stone4's Avatar
    Shouldn't every store which has contact less theoretically work with android pay? Or do they need some special type of equipment?
    10-12-2016 06:07 PM
  13. PhiPsi32's Avatar
    I think most terminals with the contactless payment icon could work if the function is turned on. I went back to the same AM/PM. Android Pay did not work at the pump.
    10-13-2016 08:32 PM
  14. mike56801's Avatar
    I went to PetSmart today and that location took Android Pay. The receipt even showed as a contless payment. That location just got EMV card enabled. The pin pad doesn't say Apple Pay/Android Pay but says Visa Paywave, Mastercard Pass, and I think Amex. I used a Visa credit card. I am assuming they take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex via Apple Pay/Android Pay since they accept as physical cards.

    The cashier said they are slowly rolling the update out.
    11-17-2016 11:48 PM

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