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    I have a Samsung mobile which, at an early stage, I prevented from ever downloading any updates, and it has been a joy to own. It works as beautifully as the day it came out of the factory.

    We live in Italy now and everyone here uses WhatsApp. So as I didn't want that having access to my full contacts list, I bought a cheap Android phone to use for that with my Italian SIM.

    That came with Android 9. I've barely had the thing two months and it has already broken itself with an update so it's going to need a factory reset ("Optimising App 1 of 1" for ten minutes on startup). I can't delete any more apps to see which is causing the problem since the only app on it is Firefox. I already tried deleting WhatsApp, and it wasn't that. That was the only reason for actually buying the phone.

    The method of disabling the updates on my Samsung was to install "Package Disabler Pro (Samsung)" which then enabled me to disable the package "Software Update" and a few others.

    There isn't one for this phone, which is one of these:

    Will the Samsung one work? Is there an alterative package blocker or method to stop the updates on this thing so that every time I go to use it I know it will work?

    07-18-2020 05:17 AM
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    No, the Samsung Package Disabler won't work.

    The only way to stop any updates on that phone would be to root it, but it is highly unlikely that you'll find a way to root it or install a custom ROM on such an obscure device. You may want to check XDA, but I doubt if you'll find anything there.
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    07-18-2020 02:04 PM
  3. mark7914's Avatar
    Thanks. I feared as much. I can prevent updates by never turning on WiFi or 4G but then WhatsApp won't work

    Maybe I should get a cheap or second-hand Samsung instead, perhaps another S8 like the one I have now, so I know I can prevent updates. Will look into it.
    07-19-2020 03:12 AM

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