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    Hi all,

    I've installed in my car multimedia with Android 9.1.

    this is like act like regular phone!

    In 1 line - I need workaround to control only the Media volume in every application in android 9.1.

    the issue is when I've phone call its enter to the call app and I want to volume up or down - the android change the volume changer to the call volume and rising the numbers in call volume but nothing changed.

    When I am changed from the settings the media volume during the call the volume indeed change.

    So I need to disable the call volume from my android and control only the Media volume.

    I've tried alot of apps - control only the Media volume, Rocker Locker, and more 3 apps that I've found in google but nothing works, the volume changing the call volume.

    Thank you very much! hope that you are better than google and you could help me
    12-27-2020 09:04 AM
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    I have to be honest I had a bit of trouble following your post. From what I can tell you want to control your media volume while in your car. My suggestion would be to turn the volume up all the way from the device and use the car controls to control the volume. The idea behind hands free in the car is not handling the device so picking it up to adjust the volume each time it needs adjusting is counter to that concept. It makes sense that calls would be treated as media through a Bluetooth device like any other media playing. It seems odd that your phone reverts to call volume while transmitting but that would depend on the device.

    What phone/device do you have?

    What Bluetooth device are you connecting to?

    Why would you prefer to use the phone volume vs the car audio volume?

    You mention controlling the volume in other apps as if you want to set a volume for each app but that is not possible. You cannot set XM Radio app to 70% and Tune-in Radio to 56% and have these be the default settings when those apps are running. This is another reason to just set the volume to the max and adjust the car audio to a comfortable level and adjust as needed.

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    12-27-2020 10:53 PM

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