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    Hi guys.

    Anybody using a Galaxy Note FE here? It's a basically a refurbished Note7 with a smaller battery (3,200 from 3,500 mAh) that passed an 8-point test and runs Android 7.0 on launch. (Note7 was preloaded with Marshmallow 6.0.1 during launch)

    I am wondering if it'll be updated to Android Pie. Mine is updated to Android 8.0 and Oreo is its first major software update. Based on track record, Samsung usually gives two years of software support to its devices, so 9.0 Pie will be Note FE's second one.

    Did a research on possible Samsung devices that may get Android Pie and there was no Galaxy Note FE sightings at all.

    I hope Galaxy Note FE gets Pie. I mean it's a good treat for those who opted the device after the Note7 disaster.

    Note FE is still a great device for me. It has QuadHD display, 12MP Dual Pixel camera, wireless charging, IP67 water resistance, headphone jack and an S-Pen (which got all the new features of the Note 8 S-Pen after the Oreo update)
    08-22-2018 01:03 AM

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