1. Brigitte Laskowski's Avatar
    PIE Adaptive Brightness has my phone being totally dark if I want to save battery power. Adaptive Brightness eats battery power because in order to see anything, you need to make the brightness at ¾ to full brightness. Not good.
    10-15-2018 03:19 PM
  2. Chuckcell's Avatar
    Doesn't work well enough for me to bother with. Clumsy at best.
    10-21-2018 04:43 AM
  3. Zoloo Fanny's Avatar
    It's work well on my phone, but consume much battery
    11-06-2018 08:50 PM
  4. niketathakare's Avatar
    Adaptive Brightness debuted in Android 9 Pie this year, and it is supposedly going to adapt to the lighting in the room that you are in, and work better than auto brightness. It uses machine learning to figure out how bright you want your screen in certain lighting conditions, which also conserves battery life, by not being overly bright when you don't want it to be, which is also pretty helpful. It has actually worked quite well, up until a few weeks ago. It would go pretty dim in darker rooms and then when you get outside, you could see the brightness going up til you can actually see the screen. So it does work, and work pretty decently, but as of lately, it hasn't worked at all.
    12-14-2018 03:05 AM

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