1. YingTK's Avatar
    I honestly was not sure the Bluetooth issues I've been having we're pie related until start reading on all the posts...

    Anyway, my pixel have been troublesome with my Samsung HM1200 headsets where it would connect fine, but as soon as I start voice call, the connection would be cut off.

    Also, I just bought the Microsoft invoke speakers intended to use as Bluetooth speakers. I was able to add the speakers to my pixel's Bluetooth list, but as soon as I tried to connect to the speaker, pixel's Bluetooth would crash, prompting that error message when the phone crashes- option to close, report and one thing else. I tried multiple times, but same results. I did not have this issue a year ago when the invoke first came out. Same pixel phone.

    Anyone having same issues? Any known work around or fixes thus far? The invokes I bought would become nice decorative towers before this Bluetooth issue gets fixed.
    10-22-2018 10:45 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    I have several different Bluetooth headsets (2 stereo headphones for music and a mono one for phone calls) and I don't have any issues with any of them.

    Actually - I do have an issue with one of them but it's the headset, it's the mono one and it also connects to a base station connected to my desk phone, if it's connected to both my desk phone and my cell phone and the desk phone is at the edge of the range it will disconnect randomly from the cell phone during a call. I consider this a headset problem, not a phone problem.

    My headphones are the following - Zolo Liberty+, Anker Soundbuds Surge, Plantronics Voyager Legend (mono, phone calls only).
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    10-23-2018 05:01 AM
  3. jazzedmurf's Avatar
    I, too, have a phone on Pie that is refusing to pair with a Harman Kardon Invoke speaker. I've tried using different AVRCP settings and even different audio codecs through developer settings, both to no effect. Any help or ideas appreciated!
    10-29-2018 04:13 PM

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