1. D0gsballs's Avatar
    Hi all.

    Been on Android for a few years now and one of the features I really like is the Assistant in the Photos app, whether it was automatically creating Panoramic photos or in particular the auto styling which sometimes create some great pictures.

    However since I got my Nokia 9 which comes with Android Pie, the assistant doesn't seem to offer me anything anymore and I don't know whether it's the way it behaves in Pie or whether it's something to do with the Nokia 9. I've taken quite a few pictures and I've had no panoramas or styles done automatically. It's not a massive issue for me because I can do that myself, but sometimes the assistant created some really good images out of my photos.

    04-15-2019 07:30 AM
  2. cpaight's Avatar
    In case you haven't already, check your settings. There's a menu for "Assistant Cards" and that controls what the Assistant will do in Photos.
    04-16-2019 02:55 PM
  3. D0gsballs's Avatar
    thanks for the reply. I checked the settings and all 4 are enabled.
    04-16-2019 02:59 PM
  4. D0gsballs's Avatar
    So not really sure what's going on with the assistant. Took loads of photos yesterday, some that normally would be made into a panorama but it has so far only created one stylised photo. Not the end of the world because of the editing capabilities on the phone but disappointing.
    04-19-2019 04:33 AM

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