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    I have only just discovered Gestures in Android 9 on MI Note 7. I have activated them in Settings, but I am not at all sure this feature is working correctly as I wish it to. What I seem to get is very limited compared to what I have seen in a couple (one in particular) of YouTube videos ---- which is where I first found out about them.

    For example, the new button at the bottom of the screen looks smaller and unlike the one on YouTube, and it does very little unlike what is shown. The basic Gesture of swiping up for the bottom of the screen only seems to display the recents as the small square button did, not the access to so much more achieved by swiping left & right.

    Are there more Settings I need to activate? Is it an issue with the MS Launcher? Or something else?

    12-31-2019 05:12 PM

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