1. anon(10753934)'s Avatar
    This is Australia so not sure if it applies other places.

    I noticed in Msgs that the links from vodaphone were only http.

    Opened brave browser prompted ne straight away then tried chrome again and it did too. Though once you continue through the site shows as https what causes that ?
    Also onced clicked through once it does not warn you its unsecure if you do it again.

    My chrome browser never warned me of this in the past !!
    Should of its only using http & it uses card,personal info so forth.

    This is not good yeah for a company running a percentage of Aus?!!Just found this out Applies to Myvodaphone website-screenshot_20211016-180536.jpgJust found this out Applies to Myvodaphone website-screenshot_20211016-180704.jpg byJust found this out Applies to Myvodaphone website-screenshot_20211016-185216.jpg
    10-16-2021 03:47 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    There is a push by Google to get all websites to use https. Part of that is to manipulate users by showing non-https sites this warning before loading the page, in an effort to get them to complain to the site owners to convert. Many other browsers are also Chromium based, which would likely mean giving this warning as well.

    The original link is probably just a short link to save on message space, which redirects to the real url. That would explain the conflicting warning.
    10-16-2021 09:26 AM
  3. anon(10753934)'s Avatar
    Just never did that wonder why not until now is all.
    Is it not even more unsecured if the browser is not using Https ?
    This is direct from the Voda Au website,Link says click here to login in that is where it prompts you. I just noticed links in msg search in google msgs.

    So more then likely is a secured connection and is ok for credit,Acc and personal details added or changed in it ?
    Does DDG use Chromium ?
    10-16-2021 10:21 AM

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