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    It is not a surprise that Android anti-malware applications are not 100 percent effective in keeping a mobile free from malware. These apps run in the sandboxed environment as all the other apps and do not have the kind of low-level system access on smartphone that traditional computer anti-virus apps have had for years. The best way to avoid malware infection is to use logic, along with an understanding on how Android apps work.

    When an application is installed, the mobile system will display the permissions requested. You (user)can glance this to evaluate an application's intentions. If it is a simple app asking for your permission to send and receive messages, then it is a serious red flag. A large number of these “SMS Trojans” are found circulating on the Internet. When installed, these so-called “SMS” text premium rate numbers racking up the charges.

    Reference : Android Antivirus – Here is What You Should Do - Posts - Quora
    06-16-2014 06:15 AM
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    The article linked is honestly quite vague. To sum it up in the least amount of words: Use common sense, and install well established apps.

    There really is no elaboration listed in the article as to what permissions to look for other than location and messaging.

    I would suggest these instead:
    Android app permissions - How Google gets it right ... | Android Central

    New Google Play Store greatly simplifies permissions | Android Central
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    06-16-2014 09:54 AM

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