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    This is basically not news to most Android users, as we have known for a long time that the Malware issue was a non-issue for most people (especially people using google Play). This is a statement from Google themselves recently:

    Sundar Pichai said during the show that, “based on every data we see, well, well less than half a percent of users ever run into any malware issues.” That number is quite low when looking at percentages alone, but when translated into an actual number of users, based on Google’s Android usage statistics that were also announced on stage – the company said that it has up to 1 billion active Android users per month nowadays, not counting China or Kindle users – it comes to up to 5 million users that may have run into malware issues.

    Google on Android Malware and Security | BGR
    In other news...there are actually a lot more Android users than we thought. The 1 billion figure does not include forks like Kindle or users in China (which is a huge market for Android). Half a percent is pretty good odds.

    I've posted similar data on this before, but hopefully people will actually accept it now that it is coming from google themselves. The malware issue has been exaggerated to a ridiculous degree, and by people who should know better (lol Tim Cook).
    06-26-2014 11:40 AM

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