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    Hi all,
    So i had got this budget phone after selling a different phone. It was OK, but despite it being a ****ty phone, I lost it, and I just want it back, as anyone would with a cheap or expensive phone.

    I am 100% positive the phone fell out of my pocket and is not inside a cement building. I never turned on any lost phone features or installed any apps because this has never happened to me before.

    the "Find My Device" feature can't find the phone via Google's GPS, although, the second it was lost I was able to call it, then eventually not anymore. It probably died after calling it so much.

    Later on after calling it over and over again it started ringing again. Then all of the sudden it stopped and now I am back to just a voicemail.

    There are no records of any texts or calls being made with the phone, and I think im pretty sure that there is a screen lock on it.

    The phone has no DATA, and you have to manually connect to free wifi hotspots for it to have the internet. Installing apps remotely doesnt work (i think), because Ive tried installing like 10 apps and they keep saying "installed" but I still cannot contact the phone.

    If anyone knows what I should try next please drop a line below, thanks. I am not blacklisting the phone yet as I know it has a screen lock. Anyways, thanks in advance.
    04-11-2018 10:26 PM

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