1. Chrisyouwanttoknow's Avatar
    I've had the S10+ for a couple of weeks now and whenever I drive by the same spot down the street from my house, my music will pause and my phone will beep and then the music will start playing again. I am using the aux cord and Google play music when this happens and it happens in both my cars. Any idea. I am wondering if I neighbor might have some device trying to connect to phones that drive by.
    06-29-2019 04:35 PM
  2. Chrisyouwanttoknow's Avatar
    I think that I figured it out. I believe this is my bixby routine turning on for my home routine. I'll investigate some more when driving by the same spot.
    06-29-2019 04:56 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    I used to have the same problem sometimes when driving past a small Air Force base. Any time the RADAR antenna was scanning the road, it would wipe out cell service. (Not FM radio - they had gotten complaints about that and fixed that problem.) Verizon put up a microcell right outside the gate to fix the problem.

    But you might be correct - it could be something twling you that you're home, or switching from mobile data to your WiFi.
    06-30-2019 02:49 PM

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