1. prepaidguy9081's Avatar
    To get milk music working on rooted, not samsung (and older samsung) devices.

    Step 1: Back Up Your Build.prop
    Just make a copy somewhere on your sd card, also make a backup of your os.

    Step 2: Tweak Your Device Brand & Model.
    Now go back to the /system directory, but this time tap on build.prop, don't long-press. Choose RB Text Editor to edit the file, then look for the model, brand, and manufacturer lines (highlighted below). Your original ones will show:

    Note:as there are so many devices the <text> areas below will instead be specific to your device but the rest should be the same.


    Simply change them to match a (newer) Samsung device. I used a Galaxy S4.

    ro.product.model=Galaxy S4

    Step 3: Save the build.prop

    Step 4: Sideload the apk, because the play store still wont let you download it. So I am hosting an apk copy in my dropbox for ya'll.


    Milk Music will now work with most of the functionality that it would on a native Samsung device, except that you won't be able to log into a Samsung account for syncing stations or enable explicit content from the settings.

    Please post if this is working or not working for you. Include your device name, android version, and rom version.
    Please let me/us know of any tweaks to this process you had to preform in order to get this working.

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    03-10-2014 07:07 AM
  2. dark juggalo's Avatar
    works Droid Razr Maxx 4.4.2 Gummy M2.0
    no problems
    07-09-2014 08:26 AM
  3. CivilianCam's Avatar
    What's milk music?
    05-19-2015 03:19 PM

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