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    I was using SWM for several devices I own, 4 HTC Inspires, HTC Tilt 2, Droid 1, and Droid X. As of now I only need it for the Inspires, Droid X, and to start learning how to root with Droid 1. About a week ago, when I tried using it with the Inspires, it kept saying, "error: device offline" then after I would run windows update, it said "HPun2420 Mobile Broadband Module - No Driver Found". With the Droid X, SWM said same thing, and windows updater said, "Motorola ADB Interface - No Driver Found". I uninstalled and reinstalled even though everything was up to date. No problems with install, but when I hooked it up to the computer, same issues. I've looked for the drives, but confused as to which ones they are, one site showed me hardware, just dont understand, never had this problem before. I even tried installing everything just for the Inspire in case there was an issue with multiple devices, still no luck, and really looking forward to learning how to root, I still dont know all the possibilities and why all the hype. I'll be on the site till I can get this resolved, no matter how long it takes, thanks again.
    05-22-2011 04:31 PM