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    Myself and a couple of friends have bought an Android media box, XSBOX S805. Great little device, use it for KODI and other streaming.

    We all have a keyboard attached to our boxes and one little thing that happens to each of us is, when you press G on the keyboard it launches the Google browser. G is then disabled as a letter to press when you're in the browser. It happens whatever app you're in on the box, always bringing up the browser. So if I type in a search box and I use the letter G, the Google browser opens. If I want to search Google and my search includes the letter G, the letter doesn't type.

    I've searched every setting I can think of, can't see any shortcut options to clear, uninstalled keyboards, swapped different languages and keyboard layouts but cannot fathom this out. Three of us experience the same issue, all with different combinations of wired or wireless keyboards.

    Anyone got any suggestions on this?


    07-02-2015 07:36 PM

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