1. alexlipa11999911's Avatar
    I just bought a HKC 50F1 Smart TV and I am experiencing issues in connecting the Android tv remote app (by Google) to it. The app doesn't find my TV, neither on wifi or ethernet (the local network is the same).
    Among the other things, I also see that some apps in the playstore are quite old and for example I am not able to cast my youtube videos on the youtube app of the TV.
    One of my first doubts was that google play services should be updated. I tried updating them through the playstore of the tv and through an apk that I downloaded separately but without success.
    Unfortunately there is basically no content around the web related to this TV so I was wondering if anyone here can help me figure out the problems.

    08-11-2019 01:21 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Most TV Remote apps use the IR blaster on the phone to communicate with the TV by infrared, because that's how the native remote works. But not all Android phones have an IR Blaster. (You can buy one that plugs into the earphone jack, if your phone doesn't have one, pretty cheaply - they're all over the web.)

    As for a remote app that communicates with a TV by WiFi, I've never seen one. Most TV remotes (maybe even all TV remotes) don't work by WiFi, but by IR.
    08-11-2019 03:59 PM
  3. alexlipa11999911's Avatar
    The TV is a smart tv and I am talking about the android remote TV app by Google that all smart TV use
    08-11-2019 04:10 PM
  4. jov22's Avatar
    Hi, I have exactly the same issues. Also the sound is off a little. I mean the timing of the audio has a very slight delay. Have you figured out the problem with the connection to Google Home? Mine gives me a message that "location is unsupport". Most of the Apps I tried don't work. Basically the only one that works is Netflix. Prime video crashes, so do several others. Let me know if you figure out how to solve these issues. I feel like I should have spent the extra 50 Euro for a Samsung...
    09-08-2019 10:22 AM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    Smart TVs use IR remotes, so if your phone doesn't have an IR Blaster, it won't work as a TV remote unless you plug an IR Blaster dongle into the earphone jack (if the phone has an earphone jack - many don't any more, and since I haven't tried a dongle with a USB earphone adapter, I can't guarantee that it will work.

    the sound is off a little. I mean the timing of the audio has a very slight delay.
    That's the TV - there's nothing you can do about it. (Except, depending on the warranty situation where you are, you might be able to return it as a design defect, which it is. That's definitely a manufacturing defect, if that's what they go by where you are. The same for any crashing apps that came with the TV.
    09-11-2019 04:00 PM

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