1. Sammuel1973's Avatar
    I was watching a YouTube demo video. Google Now and Google Voice look impressive, but is there a way too shrink the apps to 4 smaller size per screen for easy access like the Gear 2? So far, it seems there are too many unnecessary swipes needed.

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    07-08-2014 05:38 PM
  2. Fearless Freep's Avatar
    If it's an Android Wear app you can launch it by saying "Ok, Google, Launch Evernote" (or whatever app). The screen swipes are somewhat more involved but still not a big deal. It's not a phone screen, thus you don't want to place full-time icons there. At some point maybe they'll implement some sort of gesture shortcuts to launch an app, but it's still OK to me.
    07-09-2014 01:51 PM
  3. Sammuel1973's Avatar
    Thanks for your answer.

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    07-09-2014 10:00 PM
  4. Fearless Freep's Avatar
    Seems that someone has agreed with you and has released an Android Wear app to do just what you described:

    Android Wear Mini Launcher makes it easy to get to apps
    07-12-2014 11:09 AM
  5. Sammuel1973's Avatar
    Great, seems like it would help. Too many swipes can be too cumbersome. Why do extra steps if you don't need to?

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    07-12-2014 01:09 PM
  6. nyijedi's Avatar
    Mini Launcher has made me go from wanting to throw this watch out the window to really enjoying it.

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    07-12-2014 03:36 PM
  7. bujin's Avatar
    I don't know if it's correct, but I always feel that adding "always on" apps like this will cause a battery drain. I'm curious as to whether that's the case here. Definitely a convenient app.
    07-12-2014 09:27 PM

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