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    Put the entire world's knowledge on the back of your hand!

    Here's a Wikipedia client for Android Wear. Although we have things like the Wear Internet Browser, I think that making information intuitive and easy to access on smart watches is going to take some experimenting with new user interface designs; current HTML5 pages aren't ready for 3-cm screens yet. So here I present a grid-based approach to browsing Wikipedia, a new vision for watch-friendly web design.

    Would love to hear any feedback about this early release. In the spirit of free knowledge, this is being released as GPLv3.

    Search for net.dheera.attopedia on the Google Play Store.
    (sorry this forum doesn't let me post links)

    Attopedia: A Wikipedia client for Android Wear-0.jpg

    Attopedia: A Wikipedia client for Android Wear-1a.jpg

    Attopedia: A Wikipedia client for Android Wear-2a.jpg
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    08-04-2014 01:22 AM
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    Giving it a try now 👍 .

    08-04-2014 01:52 AM
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    Looks good.
    08-04-2014 08:51 AM

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