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    so got a new moto x with lollipop, before with kitkat my 360 wud mute my phone now it don't. I wud like to have it where my phone does not vibe or make noise, but I still get all my notifications on my watch ( specifically WhatsApp). been messing with the priority settings but I either lose WhatsApp or when i use mute thru wear app my phone still rings. any help wud be appreciated

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    12-31-2014 12:51 PM
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    There's some bugs to be worked out. Sometimes when I set the wear app to mute the phone it still rings. One of my favorite things was I always had my phone on silent because I got all my notification on the watch. Now I usually leave the ringer on because there is no way to quickly switch.

    You can sort of fix it by messing with priority notifications in the phone but it's not as good as it was.

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    01-02-2015 11:40 PM

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