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    Just wanted to reach out and see what all is and is not out there that maybe I'm unaware of in wearables. In the past week I took my first dive into wearable tech and didn't feel like its ready for me. I purchased an Asus Zenwatch first and hated to return it. Battery was fine for me. For the most part the Google Now integration was better than most make it out to be. But in the end I couldn't get over the overall buggy-ness that remains and as well as ongoing connectivity. I simply could not keep it connected. The last straw fell when I had the phone in my pocket and the watch on my wrist and hand in the same pocket...still got three simultaneous disconnected notifications. And twice more after restarting both devices. So back it went...

    So then I figured ok. The Asus is for the most part the least expensive of the retail wearables. So maybe I just hadn't paid enough, maybe my Note Edge would work better with something more native. So I combined the theories and got a Gear 2. And this one won't even be with me 24hours. I've found that I'm trying to convince myself to like it and and that price tag I think I'm doing myself a disservice if I'm having to sell myself on the idea of it. The Tizen is just too narrow in ability compared to the google offerings. Almost all support seems to have to go through Galaxy Apps (which I despise to begin with) or if there are additional sources they're not easily accessible. The fact that I had to hunt to find a 3rd party app and set it up just to be able to read my work emails second biggest factor in returning. And lastly the biggest reason was being tied to SVoice for replies and or interacting with the device. So needless to say I felt the bottom line was I knew I could read hours of forums and google searches looking "how to" make either of the watches work but in the end I felt a niche purchase predicated on enhanced convenience I shouldn't need to.

    Now. That's all the negative. And I really don't want to get hung up on that even though, granted, its mostly all I've mentioned so far. What I AM hoping to do is not illicit a bunch of gear and or Zenwatch loyals to argue or take offense with my experience, or begin a debate over which is better, but have a broad discussion on wearables to help others (and myself). I know I will be repurchasing soon, question is when and what? I would like to use this huge awesome community as a resource (which I'm pretty sure is the point of a forum to begin with) and pool the knowledge base to help not just me but others choose what's best for them.

    Who knows, maybe someone will share something here that will show me I was wrong and send me back to repurchase something I already had with a new tip that makes it what I needed. But I would also like to know of any upcoming releases and prices on other devices. So basically a non device specific discussion on the state of wearables in general. Known issues and fixes of all popular models...and info about upcoming offerings that might be worth waiting for.

    Thanks in advance all and let's be civil!!!

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    02-21-2015 01:32 PM
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    Did you ever factory reset the zen to attempt to resolve the connectivity issues? If not, then maybe you could have kept it.

    There are also reports of certain phones and certain watches not getting along. If I were you, I would look to find what others with the same phone are having success with and buy that.
    02-23-2015 10:12 AM
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    I did just about everything I could think of. I had it one week and experienced at least two-three connectivity issues per day. I did find a thread about these issues on the Note 4 ( I have the nearly identical Note Edge) and contributed to that thread about device Bluetooth issues I had had before the watch with the device in general. But at the end of the week I just couldn't convince myself it was the phone. Yes I had previous issues with the phone but never with that consistency or range. Maybe once per month or so I would have to turn Bluetooth of and back on to get my car and phone to properly pair but that's at most. I have several other devices and no connectivity issues and plenty of acceptable range. So all that in mind I think this at best might be as you suggested under the "they didn't get along" category or at worst the Zenwatch just has to weak of a connection. I made sure all devices were up to date software wise. With the Gear 2 I had no problems connectivity wise but just found myself really not liking it, and the email thing was a deal breaker.

    I'm waiting to see what gets released this week out of MWC and what new might be coming along. Please share any rumors info you might know of. And thanks for the feedback!

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    02-23-2015 04:40 PM
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    It's something about the bluetooth stack on the two devices.. My ZenWatch and note 3 love each other.. No issues at all

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    02-23-2015 04:58 PM

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