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    I'm running the latest developer preview in my lg urbane 2nd edition, eagerly waiting for the official 2.0 update. The preview is running very wel, however since a few days i cant seem to download new apps from the watches play store, or update excisting apps. When i try to install a new app or update one, it says 'downloading' but there is no progress. It sits there for houres but it doesnt actually download anything. My internet connection on the watch is fine. I tried connected to the phone with bluetooth, wifi or cellular but no luck. I can browse through the store without problems, and all other apps or services which require internet work just fine.
    I tried to clear the play stores cache on the watch, deleted all data, uninstalled and reinstalled play store but nothing seems to help. Last thing remaining is factory reset the watch. But with official 2.0 nearby, i probably need to do this again. Maybe the play store for previews just stopped working?
    Anybody seeing this behaviour?

    Edit: fixed it by doing factory reset.
    05-15-2017 03:36 PM

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