1. Notrega's Avatar
    I saw one in the local Dillards at 30% off for an out the door price of $245. I love the look and feel of this watch and the reviews are mostly favorable. It does not have a heart rate monitor, which I don't mind, and it doesn't have NFC, which I kinda' want for android pay but it isn't a deal breaker.

    Anyone have one they wish to chime in about?


    Diesel On Full Guard - Anyone Have One-screenshot-2017-12-23-7.36.56-pm.png
    12-23-2017 06:44 PM
  2. kramer5150's Avatar
    Good price for that watch, but I would not spend that kind of $$ on Android wear. Your money is better spent on Smasung / Tizen... a reliable ecosystem that has been well supported by the mother ship.
    12-23-2017 08:15 PM
  3. Notrega's Avatar
    I just don't like the look of any of the Samsung watches
    12-23-2017 08:43 PM
  4. kramer5150's Avatar
    Forget about looks... at these prices you deserve something that just plain WORKS.
    My experience on android wear has been awful. Heres my timeline with a moto 360 gen-2

    March 2016 - Purchased for $360 on Amazon

    March 2017 - Android releases 2.0 version and all my android messages and gmail notificaions terminate. By that I mean I get none at all. Despite DOZENS of factory resets, deletes and re-download after re-download.

    April 2017 - November 2017 - Watch is useless. A $360 dumb-watch just sitting on the night stand used as a bedroom clock.

    December 1 - December 22 - Like Magic, the Google Borg mother ship decides to re-instate my device back into the collective and once again I receive notifications for android messages and gmail.

    TODAY (!!) I was christmas shopping for my little cousin and text-ing his mom (my cousin) about gift ideas. Rifght in the middle of our text-ing sessions, the Borg collective pulls my plug AGAIN!!! And once more I get no notifications at all.

    >cleared cache
    >turned off and on Bluetooth on both my phone and the watch
    >re-booted the watch


    Android Wear BY FAR is the worst consumer product I have ever purchased... I can't in any way recommend it over Tizen or Apple. My words are strong, but I stand by them... BUGGY AS ALL HELL!!

    12-23-2017 08:57 PM
  5. kramer5150's Avatar
    I just got another text from my cousin (as I type above)... this time sent me a pic from her daughters soccer game.

    NOTHING on my watch... Back to the night-stand it goes.

    Frustrating beyond belief. A $350-400 consumer product should last longer than ~1 year of use. Motorola released it only a few months prior to my purchase in March 2016... it was (and should be) FAR from out-dated. Not even 2 years!!

    Long running thread here on the google support forums:
    12-23-2017 09:01 PM
  6. Onkel Per's Avatar
    I've had a Sony Smartwatch 3 Android Wear since mid 2015, and newer had any of the problems. It's still running perfect and still non of the watches out there today can make me get a newer one.
    12-23-2017 09:10 PM
  7. Notrega's Avatar
    I have an option to get a LG Watch Sport for $150 but like I said I am on Verizon, I have seen the threads about activating it on VZW, but I am not really worried to much about making calls from the watch.

    What I do want to know is will this pair with my S8+ for notifications, sending texts, and using it for Android Pay?
    12-24-2017 09:43 AM
  8. kramer5150's Avatar
    Thats a popular pairing... it by all means should work. Hopefully the LG Sport will be supported longer/better than the other AW watches.
    12-24-2017 11:32 AM
  9. Notrega's Avatar
    Picked up the Diesel at Dillard's this AM for $209 out the door
    12-26-2017 01:02 PM

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