1. anon(661246)'s Avatar
    I have been using AW since it was out and I just don't get the design choices with 2.0?

    The assistant is nice, the app drawer layout is better, I like that you can pull down the options and choosing theater mode, airplane mode without having to swipe.

    The rest is nuts

    It's a watch, I am not expecting to write a message on a 1 inch screen nor do I want to be presented with a bunch of choices. Make it simple with minimal interaction. 1.5 was good just needed a tweak in places. Why do i have to swipe more to interact with a notification?

    Swiping left now changes the watch face instead of going to app drawer.. I don't even know how to start with how bad of a move that was.
    12-27-2017 04:40 PM
  2. kramer5150's Avatar
    AW 2.0 has been awful for me too with an (otherwise awesome) moto360 gen2. Basic functional reliability of AW 2.0 has been off and on since the roll out in March 2017. Right now in Dec 2017 things are back ON and working GREAT... but the Borg mother ship can remote-terminate me at any given moment. Next AW update is what they are calling Android Wear Oreo... Keeping my fingers crossed the Android-Borg does not axe the remaining 2.0 devices that are still working.

    I openly discourage people from buying an android wear watch... there are other more reliable, better supported OS's.

    My thoughts here...

    Its not just me... LONG running thread here on Googles own support forums. There are other, more brand/model specific threads discussing the same thing.
    12-30-2017 04:17 PM

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