1. aa777888's Avatar
    Got a nice deal on a refurb. Zenwatch 2. Paired it with my Pixel 2 XL. I'm pretty savvy about this stuff. Got it all working except for the most important parts!!!

    The complication on the watchface that shows the number of unread notifications is always ZERO. I'm getting notifications. Some pop-up, some don't, but they are all there when I swipe up. And yet the counter on the watchface is always ZERO. Seriously? That's just stupid. Re-initializing and re-connecting makes no difference.

    And...when I use Google voice with the watch, it perfectly translates what I'm saying, for example "Call Fred Flinstone" or "Text Fred Flinstone". And then it says "to whom?" Seriously? The entire phonebook is downloaded to the watch, I can see it and use it. So why is voice recognition not working.

    I want to love my watch, and if those two things would work I would love it (well, I've got some issues with the phone and watch fighting over phone calls, but, still...)

    Without those two things working it's not worth wearing. Is there a fix, or should I return it and wait until Wear 3.0 comes out?


    03-04-2018 09:33 PM
  2. aa777888's Avatar
    And...crickets. Pretty much what I expected. The number of threads where notifications don't work, or fully work, and Bluetooth coordination, are phenomenal. And none with any answers. I did find that some phonebook entries can be voice dialed/texted, but some can't.

    It's pretty clear that Android Wear 2.0 is not ready for prime time. The watch is going back and I'll wait for 3.0, then try again.
    03-05-2018 01:51 PM
  3. kramer5150's Avatar
    Yeah I don't think the Asus watches are very well supported with 2.0. Its best to return it. I wouldn't wait for 3.0 either. Its just most likely going to be more of the same thing. A safer bet would be Samsung, Garmin or fitbit.

    One thing with my moto 360 is I have to clear cache and data in android wear on the phone every once in a while, this seems to improve text message notifications. I shouldn't need to though.
    03-05-2018 09:25 PM

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