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    I downloaded Wear OS to my LGV10 last night for my moto360 gen-2, So far so good. I was hesitant at first, but a lot of my AW apps were getting updates last week. So I was getting concerned Android Wear was going to start having problems.

    I have not been shy about my problems with AW 2.0 and what it did to my watch in March 17'. I am happy to report my Wear OS update went smoothly. Almost 1 year to the date!!... amazing.

    Everything between the phone and my watch works fine. My Google account automatically uploaded fine, this was my first big problem with AW2.0. My android message notifications continue to work fine, this was my second big problem with AW2.0. Wear OS doesn't seem to be any faster or slower than AW2.9... still kind of laggy, but nothing major. This is expected for a watch running a snapdragon 400.

    The App on the phone looks a little more "Apple" with its fonts and graphics. But other than that, no major differences. I did have to manually delete the old AW icon from my home screen and replace it with WearOS. The update did not do this automatically.

    I still see Android Wear in my application manager. Not Wear OS. It might need time to fully propagate itself???... thats Android for you... still has a long way to go and a lot to learn from Apple. I am happy that nothing is seriously broken. [EDIT] I re booted my phone and Wear OS now appears on App manager so as near as I can tell I have no more remnant bits of AW on my phone or watch. My watch shows Wear OS...

    As before, not everything is on a black screen. Only the main screens are black backed.

    I have read that one of the biggest changes with Wear OS, is its roll out and updates are controlled by Google. If true, then this should be a really good thing. The mother ship hopefully has more direct control over the OS.... No more Android wear running fragmentedly within Google and no more device manufacturers who have long since abandoned support of their own hardware. This could revive a lot of older devices too... assuming they have the processor speeds and RAM.

    So here we are, one year later... March Madness 2018 in Google wrist wear-ables.

    Anyone else running Wear OS on either a new device or an updated oldie?
    03-23-2018 11:39 AM

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