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    I have an Archos 8.0 g9. I have been trying to transfer a video from dvd to the tablet, which I have done as an M4V file, as it is the best compression and adequate resolution and the archos supports this file format. My problem is in playing back the file, it begins ok for a few seconds then skips forward for a second (a bit like someone has pressed the fast forward button), then plays ok again, then skips forward again, and so on all the way through the video. This happens on all video files, regardless of length, and regardless of whether the file is transferred to the archos's internal hard drive or played through a usb flash stick or through a micro sd card. The sound plays normally with no skipping, so I thought it may be the frame rate of the video file transfer - I have tried making sure the input and output frame rate is the same (25 per second), but this hasn't solved the problem.

    I really hope someone has some ideas about how to fix this, as it is really frustrating.
    01-17-2012 02:23 PM
  2. ioo's Avatar
    You are likely using a setting in your M4V encoding profile that is not supported by the Archos player. Whether the file plays correctly and smoothly depends greatly on the software and the settings you are using to transcode the video. Without knowing what your using, its hard to reccomend a fix. I personally use Nero Recode or Handbrake for my file conversions. Nero Recode does the best job for me, most of the time, without having to adjust any settings. Handbrake can do a good job too, but you have to set it up properly.

    You could also try installing MX video player from the Android market. It has a broader file support, and seems to play a bit smoother.
    01-23-2012 11:14 AM
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    Hi and thanks for your reply. In fact, I asked Archos twice for their support over this and they just simply sent two replies, exactly the same text, saying please visit our website for FAQs ... so no help from Archos. I then actually did install MX Video (just before your reply came in suggesting that same ap) to replace the Archos installed free video player and guess what, everything worked perfectly. So, thanks, your advice actually was spot-on, even if I discovered the answer a bit beforehand.
    01-23-2012 04:26 PM