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    Our sons ONN tablet updated and now the screen is backwords. We have tried resetting it many times but still have the same problem
    05-27-2020 04:54 PM
  2. Android Central Question's Avatar
    My tablet's screen is mirrored. Tried the Developer Options Force RTL Layout Direction and its off. What else can i do to fix it?
    05-27-2020 05:08 PM
  3. Android Central Question's Avatar
    Went to turn it on and words are all backwards
    05-27-2020 06:35 PM
  4. Android Central Question's Avatar
    This morning my daughter woke up to her ONN tablet being reversed and I dont know if there was an update or what but could someone please help. I've tried the developers option and RTL was not checked and when i checked it just pushed everything to opposite ide but still backward.
    05-27-2020 07:15 PM
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    It won't turn off won't do anything u try to do with it
    05-27-2020 08:33 PM
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    I have an Android tablet that recently automatically upgraded to Android 9 and everything is messed up, tried disabling and enabling RTL layout option, factory reset the tablet, restarted it, change the auto rotation, stuck something in the tiny pin hole for soft reset, nothing has worked. I think the only option is to get a new one at this point, does anyone have any other solutions?
    05-27-2020 11:15 PM
  7. Android Central Question's Avatar
    My screen looks as if you took your device and looked at it through a mirror. How do I fix it?
    05-27-2020 11:40 PM
  8. Android Central Question's Avatar
    Excuse English I have onn Android and it words backwards help;??
    05-28-2020 12:15 AM
  9. Android Central Question's Avatar
    My son's Onn tablet did an automatic system update & now shows everything backwards. I've tried powering off, restarting it, I tried the force RTL & nothing is working. Can someone please help?!!
    05-28-2020 11:42 AM
  10. Android Central Question's Avatar
    All the letters are upside down how do I fix this
    05-28-2020 12:11 PM
  11. Android Central Question's Avatar
    All the text and characters are backwards. The app icons on the left open the app icons on the rigt my back baby button be is on the left but I have to touch the right side
    05-28-2020 02:06 PM
  12. Android Central Question's Avatar
    when I went on the tablet this morning everthing was flipped and backwards. it was really weird and we tried everything but nothing worked what do I do?
    05-28-2020 02:34 PM
  13. Android Central Question's Avatar
    i try to go jn the delevopment side and it say that i an already a delevoper but wont do any thing its a rca tablet
    05-28-2020 03:01 PM
  14. Kurt Magnuson's Avatar
    Her tablet is all backwards. The writing is backwords . Everything is backwards. How do you fix problem ?
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    05-29-2020 12:35 AM
  15. mustang7757's Avatar
    05-29-2020 12:42 AM
  16. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thread closed to prevent parallel discussions.

    I merged a lot of these duplicates into a megathread, and everyone should refer to the link mustang7757 posted for the main discussion, thanks. Bottom line: the update Walmart/onn pushed was glitchy, and you'll have to wait for them to fix it.
    BergerKing likes this.
    05-29-2020 02:01 AM

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