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    Upon looking for a mid-range Android device the Galaxy M30s seemed like one of the best options on the market when I purchased it back at the beginning of 2020, in terms of price and performance this thing seemed like a beast, and it is.

    But I haven't had a single update later than November 2019?! Considering this device came out in September of 2019 and most devices receive at least a year or two, at the very least, of security updates, this seems a bit crazy. Another reason I purchased this device was because I was under the impression the Android 10 update was well under way for this device and it seems like it has been available in India since April, but the global version is yet to receive it.

    I know it's picky, as the phones works genuinely great, but I just like knowing i'm on a device that has the latest firmware and is in line with what developers are working with. It's an unlocked handset and there's no reason that it shouldn't have the update by now considering it's a perfectly capable device and we now have Android 11 coming up in conversation.

    Does anyone else here own an M30s, or know of anyone having this same issue? Normally i'd forget about it because I know that Android update timings are extremely unreliable, but the fact I haven't even had a security update since November really bugs me and makes me think something else is up.
    06-03-2020 06:30 AM

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