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    They used to open, but for some reason I can't now. Ive tried uninstalling & reinstalling apps. That didn't work. I reset apps to default, made sure "open web links in apps" was on, no change! Idk what else to do.
    06-12-2020 03:51 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    You try resetting app preference in system settings?

    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply.
    06-12-2020 03:53 PM
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    First please register an account so that you may reply to this thread and make communication easier. Mustang7757's link will help you do that.

    It sounds like there may be an app stopping you from opening links. The easiest way to determine if another app is the issue is to run the device in Safe Mode and attempt to do the things you are trying to do.

    To start the S7 in Safe Mode follow this link... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...sf2p8O_hs8rQPx

    The reason I suspect an app is because it happened all of the sudden, it affects the same function of more than one app, resetting/restarting/reinstalling apps doesn't correct the issue.

    Once you've tested your device in Safe Mode, if you find that everything works, the next step will be finding the offending app. There are several ways to do this but probably the fastest is;
    -Disable all memory saver, anti-virus, ram booster and data saver apps. These kinds of apps usually have the opposite effect of what they claim and are notorious for causing these types of issues.
    -Looking only at apps that you installed, not preinstalled apps usually, start at the top of your app list and disable 5 to 10 apps at a time and test for your problem. You can usually skip Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and apps like those. Focus on games, photo editing, gallery and dating apps. These usually have a higher chance of being buggy, but you really want to look at anything you installed. Disable 6 apps test, if the issue persists enable those 6 and then disable the next 6 and so on until the issue doesn't happen then you can figure the issue is with one of those 6 disabled apps. Then you can enable them one at a time until the issue returns to figure out which one is the problem.
    -To disable apps go to Settings>Apps>then within each should be an option to disable the app.

    Let us know what you find or don't find and we can start from there.
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    06-12-2020 10:53 PM

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