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    Worked fine for a lil then one day wouldn't work but went back to working then a week later just stopped completely I run my own business very unhappy about this and very inconvenient
    06-14-2020 10:15 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Have you already asked your carrier about this, and perhaps tried a replacement SIM card?

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    06-14-2020 10:43 PM
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    Have you contacted your carrier? For it to come and go that seems like it could be a tower issue, account issue, possibly a device issue but the on and off again makes me question that.

    If it is some kind of device issue, it's likely related to an app that's running on the device. To test this you'd need to run the device in Safe Mode. But since it's an on and off issue you'd have to wait until the issue occurred and try it then. You'd also have to verify that simply restarting the phone doesn't fix it. The steps would go something like this:

    The problem occurs,

    Restart the phone normally, to verify that a simple restart doesn't solve the issue,

    After verifying the issue still exists, restart the phone in Safe Mode and test for the problem,

    If the problem is gone, a rouge app is suspect

    If the problem still exists, the issue is likely one that you'll have to get carrier with

    Edited: Long winded again...
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    06-14-2020 10:49 PM

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