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    New phone and new SD.

    I just added an SD card to my A20. I formatted the SD. I have transferred files (varying types - videos, images, pdf, etc) to the SD. I can see the files if I connect the phone to my laptop. (My point here is that I'm pretty sure the SD card is OK.)

    Now I'm trying to move some apps to the SD. I have an app called APPtoSD. It shows a list of apps that are movable. When I try to move the app, I get a message to click the Storage page of the app info. There is no way to change the storage from internal to external.

    Before installing Apps2SD (on previous phones), I used to "manually" move apps by using settings and storage. I was given an option to move the app.

    Update - I've replaced the SD with a new one, and I get the same indications.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

    Edit: I just watched the following video and I do NOT have the Change button in the Storage section. Is this a permissions thing? I'm pretty confused right now. lol
    06-30-2020 04:29 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Do these steps work? https://www.sammobile.com/news/how-t...d-on-galaxy-s9
    06-30-2020 04:57 PM
  3. Richb01's Avatar

    Sadly, no. When I'm in the Storage page, I do not get the Change option. I think that's the root of my problem - on my other phone (Samsung J7) I get the Change button.

    BTW - I'm a big MST3K fan! :-)
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    06-30-2020 05:12 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Hmm, I'm not sure if Samsung took the feature away in a recent update. From what I recall, App2SD may require root in order to be fully functional.

    Always good to see another MST3K fan here! I've also gotten into Rifftrax as well, and love their Twitch channel. It's a great experience -- people essentially join in on the riffing via chat, and there are some extremely funny people there! (MST3K has its own channel as well, but there are too many ads on it.)
    06-30-2020 06:00 PM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Android was NEVER designed to run apps from the SD card. Google used to warn about that, then they gave up because everyone ignored it.

    2. Samsung finally removed even the possibility of doing it.

    3. Installation (and updating, which just installs the new version without changing the data) is to internal storage - you can't change that without redoing Android itself. So if you manage to move an app to the card (and App2SD is almost as old as Android itself), every time the app updates, you have to move it again.

    One problem - if the card ever goes bad (and even the best ones do when used for apps), you have to reset the phone. Android shows the app installed, so you can't install it to the new card, but it's not on the new card, so you can't uninstall it. A full reset is the only option. (That's only one of the least important reasons to not put apps on the card.) Always get a phone with enough internal storage for at least twice the space you think you'll ever need. Then you'll need a new phone when you exceed that. (It might be 5 years, but you will eventually need more than 512GB of internal storage in a phone.)
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    07-01-2020 11:55 AM
  6. VidJunky's Avatar
    Rukbat brought up some of the points I was thinking. I'm not sure about the NEVER, but App2SD is old. I think the first time I heard about it was FroYo maybe Gingerbread. Anyway the last I heard about it was when devices stopped allowing SD cards to be formatted as internal memory. I didn't even think it was still a thing.

    I will say that one of the last times I did hear about it Rukbat's number 3 point was what the discussion was. The post may have been something like, Why do my apps on SD keep moving back to internal memory? This probably goes back to the speed of the SD. You can get really fast SD cards these days if you're willing to spend the money but they still don't equate to the bond between the processor and internal memory.

    I didn't watch much of the video you posted but from your comments it sounds like moving apps is featured. I would check the speed of your SD. If the speed isn't fast enough that could be why it won't give you the option. Aside from that the only thing that I can imagine would be that they disabled this feature but then that makes me wonder why they didn't take the button altogether instead of leaving it greyed out?
    07-01-2020 08:02 PM

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