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    Hi everyone,
    Posted question below last night and have now joined as a member. Have photobto add but don't seem to have the option to include in initial post ? :

    Brand new (1 month) Samsung Galaxy S10 started charging intermittently. Used torch to check phone charging port and there was an object at base of port partially blocking/fouling it and therefore not allowing the cable to fully dock with the port. Managed to remove the object and on inspection it seems to be a tiny square rubber o ring? Is this part of the phone that has not been fitted correctly (for waterproofing for example)? I have photo of this object if needed.
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    07-09-2020 03:21 AM
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    Hello, and welcome back, thanks for registering as a member! I've edited your name into, and moved your original thread to the S10 subforum, and will link you to it and close this one to eliminate redundancies. There are answers and questions there waiting for you! Just add your image in that thread and we'll take it from there, it doesn't have to be in the initial post, or we can edit in, if you like!

    07-09-2020 03:39 AM

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