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    I started using Samsung S8 in December 2019 after using a non android phone for years. At first my phone had this important feature where if I turn my screen orientation then a "Pop-up Smart Rotate button" will appear on the bottom right corner of my screen.

    Lately I've realized that the pop-up button doesn't appear anymore. I suspect it went away after an auto-update of a security software version that took place sometime in April.

    Please help, is there a way of bringing that feature back to my phone or is it lost for good.

    One more thing, on my settings I cant find "auto rotate screen" settings anywhere. The only way to control screen rotation is via Quick Settings by swiping down the screen.
    07-16-2020 01:46 AM
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    While I hate to be the barer of bad news, it appears the only way to control this, via stock software, is with the quick settings buttons. There may be a third party launcher like Nova Launcher, that might offer this feature, but using the stock software all that is left is the quick settings button.

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    07-17-2020 03:48 AM

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